Dallas City Council Divided Over Casino Issue

Posted on: January 23, 2024, 04:35h. 

Last updated on: January 23, 2024, 04:35h.

Amid growing support for Dallas to have a casino hotel, the city council remains divided on the issue.

dallas casino
Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson (R). The city council there is split on the idea of the city being home to a casino. (Image: Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News via AP Photo)

After the recent sale of majority control of the Dallas Mavericks and the acquisition of land by Las Vegas Sands, the Dallas city council is considering getting involved in the casino debate.

The sale has led to speculation about a potential partnership between the Mavericks and Sands on a Dallas casino resort. The land deal and the sale of the Mavericks have prompted the council to consider legalizing casino gaming in Texas — something that was defeated in the 2023 legislative session

The Dallas City Council has shown divisions on the issue of casinos, with opinions for and against coming to the forefront.

Dallas City Council Shows Casino Divide

At a recent meeting, Councilman Adam Bazaldua highlighted the opportunities a casino would bring to the city, such as creating additional funding for public plans. Conversely, Councilwoman Carolyn King Arnold expressed concern about the impact of a casino on local residents.

She said at the meeting. “Those are poor people because it is all about the wish and dream.”

Last month at a luncheon held by the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Eric Johnson supported the idea of a casino but noted the necessity of partnering with the city council to bring it to fruition

Dallas Casino Still Long Way Off

The possibility of a casino in Dallas is still far away. A significant majority would be needed in both houses of the Texas legislature to approve an amendment before it goes to voters. This isn’t likely before next year, as 2024 is an election year and casino gaming won’t be revisited until then

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