Debunking Vegas Myths: The Truth About Pedestrian Bridge Peddlers Refilling Water Bottles

The Las Vegas Strip’s pedestrian bridge vendors have been making headlines lately due to a new ordinance that prohibits stopping on the bridge, shedding light on people who have been conducting illegal business. Recently,’s Vital Vegas blogger Scott Roeben discussed a brigade of unlicensed bottled water sellers who may have triggered the new ordinance.

These vendors typically sell water for $1-$5 per bottle to unprepared visitors in the summer months. However, there’s a concerning rumor circulating that they refill empty bottles with tap water, reseal them, and sell them as new at a higher price.

However, contrary sources posit that the activities of these vendors may not be as criminal as popularly believed, as refilling and resealing the bottles would be impractical and unprofitable. The likelihood of vendors being able to conduct such activities undetected and without evidence pressure from authorities supporting the contrary view.

While the actions of these vendors are illegal, they still offer an essential service. A 2002 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed that dehydration increases the rate of heart attacks by 46% in men and 59% in women. This implies that the services offered by these illegal vendors are of tremendous value and probably have even saved lives.

Finally, these services wouldn’t be necessary if Clark County, the governing body of the Strip, provided affordable and legal hydration opportunities for tourists. Resort gift shop water and unhygienic public water fountains don’t sufficiently address the issue at hand. Therefore, purchasing water from these vendors, though illegal, may be a safer option for tourists especially during summer heat.

This information is particularly vital for sports bettors since it impacts the tourist experience in Las Vegas, affecting potential foot traffic in various locations. Stay tuned for more Vegas Myths Busted every Monday on!

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