Historic Las Vegas Bar Receives Approval for Gaming through FaceTime

Posted on: January 31, 2024, 11:14h.

Last updated on: January 31, 2024, 11:14h.

Las Vegas has witnessed history in the making with the Hard Hat Lounge becoming the first establishment to receive a gaming license through a video call. This historic event adds to the rich legacy of one of Las Vegas’ longest-operating bars.

The Hard Hat Lounge is either the second or third-oldest bar still operating in Las Vegas. (Image: Google)

Carrying the legacy forward, Frankie Sidoris, the new owner, secured the gaming license while touring South America as part of Slash’s solo band. Connecting to the hearing from his car in Bogota, Columbia, Sidoris gained approval for a restricted license good for 15 slot machines from the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Sidoris, right, shreds on tour with Slash. (Image: Instagram/@franksidoris)

Between Rock and Hard Hat

With his family roots entrenched in the Las Vegas gaming and entertainment industry, Sidoris has been working to reinvigorate the iconic Hard Hat Lounge. His vision has been well received, with the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s recommendation for a license.

Acknowledging the unparalleled charm and potential that the Hard Hat Lounge embodies, the commissioners, too, were excited for this new chapter in the bar’s history. The unique appeal presented by surprise shows and free entry, resonate well with both fans and state officials.

While the appeal might suggest Sidoris’ inclination towards the music industry, it’s evident that his earnest efforts are to propel the iconic Las Vegas establishment towards a vibrant future while respecting its exceptional history.

Old Hat

Sidoris’ journey with the Hard Hat began through perfect serendipity, stemming from a close friend’s suggestion. Since acquiring the establishment, he has revitalized the space, infusing new energy and creativity that resonates with the spirit of Las Vegas. Having hosted awe-inspiring performances, Sidoris’ tenure as the owner signifies the inception of a new era for the Hard Hat Lounge, solidifying its status as a revered Las Vegas venue.

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