Hospitality Workers and Bus Drivers in Las Vegas Cancel Planned Strikes

Las Vegas Strikes Averted, Super Bowl Weekend Saved

Super Bowl LVIII came close to being disrupted by planned labor strikes in Las Vegas. But negotiations narrowly averted the shutdowns, potentially saving the game weekend for the thousands of visitors flocking to Sin City.

Historic Deals

Recent months have seen significant labor agreements between the Culinary Union and several Las Vegas hotels and casinos. After tough negotiations and worker-led organizing, these histroic contracts have broadened wage increases and job protections for over 60,000 housekeeping, culinary, and hospitality workers in Las Vegas.

Transit Contract

Las Vegas Bus Drivers also successfully negotiated a contract in time for the Super Bowl. The agreement, still pending final approval from 1,200 union members, averted a potential transportation crisis for the 330,000 fans expected to flock to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl LVIII weekend.

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