Iconic Vegas Casino Tropicana to Permanently Close on April 2nd

The Tropicana Las Vegas announced its permanent closure, expected for April 2, 2024. The announcement was made in an internal memo from VP/GM Arik Knowles to the employees. This closure will mark the end of the Strip’s iconic 67-year history. At the same time, Bally’s announced the casino hotel’s closure. This news may have been anticipated due to the suspension of bookings on its website post-April 1 and the closure of its oldest hotel rooms last November. The Tropicana’s parent company soon plans to demolish the iconic resort, and approximately 9 acres will be granted to the Athletics to build a new stadium. According to recent reports, the A’s stadium deal may still not come to fruition, despite the approval of public funds. The future relocation of the A’s to Vegas is still up in the air. The Tropicana’s 67-year history began when hotelier Ben Jaffe purchased 40 acres of land and leased it to Hotel Conquistador Inc., which had connections to organized crime. However, the resort was an enormous success from the start, with big-name stars frequenting the venue and other entertainment, and was even dubbed the “Tiffany of the Strip.” However, market developments in the ’70s led to various ownership changes, with the Tropicana’s reputation never fully recovering after ties to organized crime were exposed. The most recent transaction occurred in September 2022, when Bally’s Corporation purchased the nonland assets from Gaming and Leisure Properties and leased the land for an annual rent of $10.5M. The Tropicana’s ongoing saga is one of the most interesting chapters in the history of Las Vegas.

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