Key Non-Gaming Amenities for Attracting Millennials

Nongaming Amenities Critical to Luring Millennial, Gen Z Casino Resort Guests

New research indicates that nongaming amenities play a critical role in attracting millennials and Gen Z to casino resorts. The recent survey by LaneTerralever reveals that as many as 84% of millennials and 81% of Gen Z individuals place considerable importance on nongaming activities when deciding which casino to visit and where to stay. These amenities include pools, spas, fitness centers, restaurants and bars, live entertainment, shopping, and outdoor activities.

The study advocates for further investments in nongaming amenities, suggesting that it will pay off well for casinos in the long run. The research also reveals that restaurant and bar offerings are the most crucial nongaming features, followed closely by live entertainment.

The importance of nongaming offerings also extends to fostering loyalty among younger generations, with as many as 70% of millennials and 66% of Gen Z saying that nongaming amenities have some impact on their loyalty to a casino.

In terms of which casino brand is doing nongaming the best, the Hard Rock brand received the highest marks, followed by MGM and Caesars Entertainment. This underscores the significance of food and beverage variety and quality, which casino owners and operators must prioritize to drive non-traditional players through their doors.

However, the survey also highlighted the importance of maintaining a high-touch, personalized customer experience. This was particularly evident in the expressed discontent among survey participants regarding technological advancements, such as robots replacing bartenders and digital room keys, following last year’s cyberattacks that disrupted day-to-day operations at MGM’s Strip casinos and showed the downsides of tech on the casino floor.

In conclusion, casino operators are encouraged to invest in creative ways of hiring staff and ensure that employees are well-trained and equipped to resolve problems, emphasizing the personalized, high-touch customer experience that is highly valued by casino-goers.

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