Revealed: The Las Vegas Hideout of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Written on: February 6, 2024, 12:00h.

Updated on: February 6, 2024, 11:59h.

Britain’s Daily Mail has shared the location where America’s most beloved celebrity couple will sleep the night before the Super Bowl. Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will strive to find some rest at the opulent “Villa de Swelce” near Lake Las Vegas, which features four bedrooms and six bathrooms in nearly 9K square feet of living space. This high-profile rental comes at an estimated value of $8.5M.

“Villa de Swelce” features four bedrooms and six bathrooms in nearly 9K square feet of living space, with 300 feet of private waterfront. (Image: Zillow)

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce chose this location due to its short distance from the hotel where his teammates are staying and the added privacy it offers for pre-game preparations.

Zillow values the residence at $8.5M, though it is not currently on the market. (Image: Zillow)

With Swift scheduled to arrive following a concert in Tokyo, anticipation has grown for this power couple’s presence.

One of four of the villa’s bedrooms that look out on Lake Las Vegas. (Image: Zillow)

No Sinning

With both teams stationed in Lake Las Vegas to avoid distractions, the stricly regulated environment aims to preserve focus amidst the buzz leading up to the Super Bowl. Players are confined to Lake Las Vegas and only permitted to visit practice facilities, eliminating any possible temptation away from the field.

The serene and exclusive Lake Las Vegas contains upscale restaurants and bars, catering to the needs of team members but without the frivolity of the Las Vegas Strip. Formerly a site for wagering, Lake Las Vegas now offers a quieter setting for pre-game preparations.

The police presence, and the team’s tour buses, are shown in front of the Westin Lake Las Vegas. (Image: Daily Mail)

The San Francisco 49ers and the Chiefs have separate accommodations near Lake Las Vegas, each with logistical challenges and security restrictions. From practice facilities to player protocols, the Super Bowl-bound teams are minimizing distractions to maintain a single-minded focus on their upcoming showdown.

As the Super Bowl approaches, the stir at Lake Las Vegas grows, and everyone wonders how long Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift can remain undisturbed at their highly visible retreat.

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