“Taylor & Travis Featured on ‘Sports Illustrated’ Cover at Vegas Wedding Chapel”

Posted on: February 1, 2024, 10:52h. 

Last updated on: February 1, 2024, 10:55h.

The cover of February’s Sports Illustrated features a cartoon illustrating the headline “Why the Super Bowl and Las Vegas are the Perfect Couple.” And, of course, the drawing’s most prominent image is of a certain Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end holding his girlfriend’s hand as they emerge from a Sin City wedding chapel.

This drawing of America’s favorite celebrity couple appears prominently on the cover of the current Sports Illustrated. (Illustration: Davide Barco/Sports Illustrated)

Judging by an internet that’s nearly breaking with anticipation, whether Travis Kelce will pop the question to Taylor Swift after Super Bowl LVIII is the question on tens of millions of minds right now — not which football team will win.

Alas, as Casino.org reported on Sunday, there will be no Taylor prop betting on Super Bowl LVIII. But that’s only in the US, where state gaming regulators are concerned that the outcome of such non-random prop bets could be easily influenced or manipulated.

It’s a sure bet that the NFL will receive a Swift kick in the Super Bowl ratings from Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship. (Image: Getty)

In Ontario, Canada, however, FanDuel has the odds of Kelce taking a knee at +1060 yes and -3000 no, odds that are rapidly adjusting.

By the way, this bet stipulates that the proposal must take place “on the field after the game,” which implies that bettors must also lay money on a Chiefs victory.

That’s because the losing team doesn’t get the field and isn’t swarmed by the press. And because what athlete would be in the mood to propose after losing one of the most important games of their lives? (The San Francisco 49ers are still favored -2, by the way.)

The ‘Swelce’ Swell

Pop culture’s most famous celebrity couple since Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley — hell, possibly since Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe — are causing a spike of worldwide interest in the sport that it’s never before experienced.

While no one is going on the record with an estimate of how much of a ratings kick Swift will deliver to this year’s Super Bowl broadcast, it probably wouldn’t surprise many if last year’s record 113M viewership were nearly doubled.

Much as it ticks serious football fans off to no end, the interest in “Swelce” (the relationship nickname for Swift and Kelsey) is commodifiably good for the NFL. It’s already credited with being the only reason the Oct. 2 Chiefs game against the New York Jets was the most watched of the regular season, with 27M viewers.

And, at least in Canada, this spike means the introduction of sports betting to a demographic beyond 25-40 year old males — Swifties.

The other Swift bets FanDuel is offering to Canada’s most populous province are whether the MVP mentions Swift in his speech (+600 yes and -1100 no) and whether Swift will perform as Usher’s guest at the halftime show (+500).



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