Upgrading Airport Slots with Innovative Lighting System: Harry Reid Announces Partnership

The slot machine operations at Harry Reid International Airport are undergoing a major upgrade with a new management system from Light & Wonder. This recent development by the airport’s slot license holder, Michael Gaughan, will bring advanced technology to the more than 1,100 slot machines across the airport’s terminals.

Light & Wonder, known for developing gaming machines and casino gaming services, is set to replace the existing management platform at the airport. Patricia Ross, general manager of Michael Gaughan’s Airport Slot Concession, Inc., pointed out the company’s superior customer support as the main reason behind this decision.

This advanced technology is designed to elevate casino hospitality and improve customer service to deliver an unparalleled level of player satisfaction, according to Jon Wolfe, president of Global Systems and Service at Light & Wonder. Under Gaughan’s licensing agreement with the airport, 86.5% of the slot win is directed to Clark County, which owns the facility. The $1 billion mark in all-time gross revenue for the slot machines was surpassed back in November 2022.

Harry Reid International is one of only two airports in the US featuring slot machines, and Light & Wonder’s new platform is poised to further enhance the player experience by reducing offline times due to malfunctions or other tech problems with its innovative predictive maintenance technology, developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services.

By implementing this new technology, Light & Wonder aims to redefine the gaming experience and provide an exceptional level of support for the Las Vegas airport slot machines. With Light & Wonder’s commitment to excellence and next-generation customer support, players’ satisfaction is sure to reach new heights.

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