“Worker at Fantasy Football Website Fired Following Cheating Allegations”

Posted on: January 29, 2024, 12:55h. 

Last updated on: January 29, 2024, 12:55h.

An employee has been let go from a game-fixing scandal at the National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC) Post-Season Hold ‘Em online game.

NFFC founder Greg Ambrosius
NFFC founder Greg Ambrosius, pictured above. He revealed a cheating scandal. (Image: YouTube)

The employee is accused of altering the contest so it would benefit a participating player. The move was detected and confirmed soon after the change was made, per ESPN.

NFFC founder Greg Ambrosius, appearing devastated by the scandal, said, “We successfully revealed a post-deadline move in one of our NFFC Post-Season Hold ‘Em contests that was detected and quickly confirmed, resulting in SportsHub being able to take immediate action to resolve the issue without any impact to the results of the contest,” per ESPN.

NFFC is run by parent company SportsHub.

Not only was the employee fired, but the player involved has been banned from future online competition.

The lineup shift involved trading a high-scoring player, an obvious attempt to cheat, as per the New York Post.

The player is accused of swapping Miami Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert for Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones. He also made a late change replacing Kansas City Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice for tight end Travis Kelce, according to ESPN.

Were Changes Accidental?

The now-fired worker claimed the changes were a mistake, but no one believes this explanation, especially Ambrosius, who accused the employee of letting down his loved ones.

Players believe the only reason the cheating was discovered was because of their deep understanding of the game’s rules and workings, according to participant Pete Overzet, who told ESPN, “It wouldn’t have stood out unless you were intimately familiar with how that contest works.”

“I think this is incredibly damaging [to the fantasy industry],” Overzet added. “We’re in an era where people want to jump to conspiracy theories. Now, not only do you know that it can occur, but it did occur, I think that’s going to spread the seeds of distrust.”

Life Ruined

Ambrosius later said he reached out to the terminated worker via text, offering consolation. The employee was too embarrassed to respond.

Ambrosius expressed, “He was so ashamed of what he did, so embarrassed that he couldn’t talk to me.”

The $150,000 prize was not affected, and the planned winners remain as such. The scandal has shaken the industry hard and is a stain on the integrity of the game.

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