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Understanding MLB Odds

The MLB odds and lines table is made with the intent to provide las vegas odds by the best online sportsbooks on the net.

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We are aware that every part of the game is crucial, whether it be latest news or MLB stats.  The MLB season is long and offers plenty of daily games that you can choose from. It offers so many different odds that you can definitely find one that you feel is a sure winner. Online sports betting have increasingly become a game of numbers and every little thing alters the live vegas odds provided by the sportsbooks. In the MLB odds and lines section, you can find different odds such as:

Moneyline:  A moneyline bet is simplest of bets. It is when you choose a winner. Of course, there will always be a favorite and an underdog and you will get paid accordingly. Let’s use an example of a game between the Detroit Tigers Vs New York Yankees. For this particular game, the line is set at -135 for the Tigers. What that means for online sports betting is that if you put a 100$ on the Tigers, you are risking 135$ if they lose seeing that they are considered favorites. If you put a 100$ on the Yankees, your return will be 125$ seeing that they are underdogs (+125).

Runline: A MLB runline is actually betting a spread. For the MLB, runline is always set at -1.5 for the favorite. If we use the past example, the tigers spread will be -1.5 (+120). This means that if you put an online sports bet of 100$ on the Tigers and they win by 2, you win an amount of 120$. In this situation, if you take the Yankees then they will have to lose by one or win the game in order to cover your bet.

Totals: Game totals is a bet offered by the best online sportsbooks that allow you to chose if the game will go over a certain number. The total set for the Yankees game is 8 at -120. This means that in order to cover your wager, the game has to have at least 8 runs. You are risking 120$ when placing this bet as Vegas believes that the odds are it will go over.

Other features available on the MLB odds and lines table are:

  • The ability to see the vegas odds offered by our top online sportsbook affiliates. If you chose an odd that is better on one website as opposed to another, you can sign up and receive special account opening bonuses from our other sportsbook affiliates.
  • A color scheme that tracks any odd movement for different time intervals.
  • Up to the minute scores
  • By clicking on any odd, the user can check how many times the lines were moved throughout the day.