NCAA College Football Odds

NCAA College Football Odds table is designed to provide you with the Best Las Vegas Odds From our Top Sportsbooks.

Find, compare and place a wager on the best NCAA College Football Lines.

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Understanding NCAA College Football Odds

NCAA football odds and lines table offers you the most up to date odds table from three of the most renowned sportsbooks available on the internet.

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Many prefer our table as we give you a comparison of multiple website who offers NCAA football odds. Once a line moves, the table highlight that spread. You can also click on any odd and see how many times that odd has changed since it came out. This can help our sports betting users see how which side the public is leaning towards which is beneficial for bettors who like to reduce the juice on a spread. This strategy is commonly known as arbitrage.  NCAA College football betting offers an ample amount of bets to choose from with the most games from any sports.

Why Bet on NCAA College Football Odds?

Many in the sports betting industry believe that the NCAA is one of the leagues that have the least amount of politics involved. What that means is that games aren’t fixed (for those who believe that professional sports are fixed). We do not believe that. Nevertheless, if you are one who believes that, then the NCAA is the league for you.

NCAA Football lines and odds types:

Straight wager: This is the simplest form of betting. It is simply choosing the winner with the spread. Each odd comes with a certain amount of juice. When you wager on the spread, the juice is usually minimal seeing that odd was taken from a complicated algorithm that calculates what the difference in score will be.

Moneyline: This is purely a wager on who will win. In this case however, choosing the favorite requires you to risk more money. For example, Alabama Vs Missouri has the crimson tide at -650 and the tigers at +500. This simply mean that if you put a 100$ bet on Alabama, then you are risking 650$ to win 100$. If you are to choose the +500 NCAA odd, then your 100$ will win you 500$. The NCAA college football odds have the widest discrepancy between favorites and underdogs. This is because there are so many teams that the league isn’t as even as say the NFL.

NCAA Totals: these college football odds are merely the games total points. All you have to do is choose whether the game will go over or under.

NCAA Football Props and Futures: Known as the fastest growing type of bet people like to take. Props are individual stats that sportsbooks offer odds on. An example could be: “will Johnny Manziel run for a touchdown?” NCAA Future odds are based on stuff that will happen in the future such as the SEC championship winner