Adele Crushes Gaga for Las Vegas Gross Per Show — Report


Posted on: May 12, 2023, 11:36h. 

Last updated on: May 12, 2023, 11:37h.

A new report in the New York Post claims that the “Weekends with Adele” residency in Las Vegas will have averaged $2.5 million per night in ticket sales over its 60 shows.

If true, that crushes Lady Gaga’s “Enigma and Jazz & Piano” Las Vegas residency, which reportedly grossed an average of $1.5 million per show from 2018 to 2022.

According to a new report, ‘Weekends with Adele’ is now the top box-office earner, per night, in the history of Las Vegas concert residencies. (Image: Adele/Twitter)

According to the Post, Adele will personally take home around $2 million of that $2.5 million per night — at least before Uncle Sam’s claim. This conflicts with previous media reports estimating the British superstar’s salary at a measly $1.2 million per night.

The new report — which quotes two unnamed “sources close to the diva” — claims that Adele’s earnings total $105 million, which comes out to $1.75 million per show, However, the report claims, Adele’s contract adds another 5% if her nightly earnings are less than what’s left over from ticket sales after expenses are subtracted. And, the sources claim, sales are averaging $2.5 million, which should take her up to the $2 million.

That’s $2.5 million after expenses, by the way. Gaga’s $1.5 million was the reported box-office gross per show. So Adele’s gross could be much more.

“It’s a record,” both sources told the Post.

There’s an inconsistency in the Post’s report, however. It grabbed its Gaga figure from an analysis of the top-grossing Vegas residencies of the past five years, conducted in March by online casino PlayStar. And, if the Post’s new information about Adele is correct, then the PlayStar report was way off about Adele’s box office gross. It underestimated her at only $690K per show.

A second leg of 34 “Weekends with Adele” concerts runs June 16 through Nov. 4, 2023 at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The box office quickly sold out of all tickets,  however, and the cheapest are currently moving on resale websites for around $600.

If Adele wants the title of most total earnings by a Las Vegas residency, she’s got 576.3 million in earning left to do to sink “Titanic” singer Celine Dion. Her 1,141 shows at Caesars Palace, from 2003 to 2007 and returning in 2011, earned $681.3 million.


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