Andorra’s New Casino Finds Success as Revenue Tops $6 Million

Posted on: May 8, 2023, 03:10h. 

Last updated on: May 8, 2023, 03:10h.

Andorra, the microstate sharing space with France and Spain, opened a new casino at the beginning of March. Located at the Unnic Andorra leisure and entertainment center, it is proving to have been a lucrative proposition.

The façade of the Unnic Andorra entertainment complex in Andorra
The façade of the Unnic Andorra entertainment complex in Andorra. The new property’s casino is starting off strong, making $6 million in two months. (Image: Unnic Andorra)

The casino generated a gaming volume of more than €5.5 million (US$6.03 million) in the first two months of operation. That also means that Andorra benefits, as it’s entitled to 10% of the gross revenue.

In a statement about the financial results, the leisure complex added that it has received 30,000 visitors in the casino and another 25,000 in the rest of its areas since its inauguration. There will likely be changes in the traffic patterns once the newness of the property wears off.

Gaming Finds A Home In Andorra

Slot machines are often the most popular form of casino gambling, but this doesn’t appear to be the case so far in Andorra. The game spaces with the most interest, according to Unnic, are the game tables.

Poker, roulette and blackjack, in this order, lead the preferences of casino visitors. Gaming machines and sports betting are also proving to be successful.

Unnic employs 200 people, bringing significant employment to its capital. On average, the casino attracts around 1,000 visitors a day, according to the property, with an average of 900 people visiting one of its restaurants daily.

When it opened at the beginning of May, more than 2,100 people attended the inauguration. Data at the time indicated that 70% of the visitors reside in Andorra, while the rest were 30% tourists. Given the microstate’s geographic location, Spain and France were likely the top countries of origin for those visitors.

Unnic launched in partnership with Grupo Orenes, a gaming and hospitality company in Spain, after a contentious battle. The gaming area alone cost around €25 million (US$27.62 million) and measures 7,500 square meters (80,729 square feet).

150 slot machines accompany the blackjack, roulette and poker tables. As well as the gaming options, Unnic regularly hosts live entertainment and has award-winning chefs in the kitchens of the property’s various restaurants.

Poker Tournament Adds Exposure

The venue has already put together an international poker tournament that became a regional success. Taking place at the end of April, it was the first-ever organized poker tournament in the microstate, and the participation exceeded all expectations.

There were three days of chip-flying action, with 223 entries paying the €200 (US$220) buy-in. The property can host tournaments of up to 800 participants and, as traffic picks up, will likely find greater success.

The casino explained that most of the players came from Andorra, although there were also some from France and Spain. It was a local player, Daniel Vilares, who shipped the event, pocketing €8,000 (US$8,838).

The runner-up took home €6,500 (US$7,181), while the third-place finisher pocketed €4,500 (US$4,971). Of the 223 registered, a total of 27 players finished in the money.

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