Lucky Vs Unlucky Days

The first thing that anyone wishes to take note of, on winning a jackpot is the date. They will remember it so that they can bet more the next date. So are there better days for betting? for betting? Whether you are betting at online casinos or buying chips for Roulette or even buying lottery tickets, dates play a big role in the life of a gambler. For a few people, a consultation with the numerologist before betting means a lot. So, they invest in a lot of time to know their lucky numbers. Let us check the lucky or unlucky days for gambling at the casino and sportsbook.

Ways to Find Your Lucky Days

roulette-13-black-redWhat is the single digit that comes when you add your date of birth? If on adding the digits of your birthdate you get a number, that will be your number. However, few people consider this as a lucky number. For instance, if the birthdate is 15, then you get 6 digit by addition of 1 and 5. This number holds a lot of potentials, and you may use it to bet or at least place the bets on the dates like 6, 16, or 26. While these are lucky days, but you must also remember that in seven or eight days after these dates are not lucky. So, try to be away from the betting scenario as much as possible. For instance, the dates of 14, or 25 may be when you can try by not taking big risks.

Are there any Unlucky Days?

Those who are planning to go for Vegas odds, at some popular sportsbook sites like Bovada or MyBookie, can surely rely on these dates calculation. As they say, you are only going to win if you know and make the best use of the positive numbers. There are also unlucky numbers when your optimistic vibrations are the least. It is advisable not to bet on such numbers even on lucky days. There is a chance of you losing just as fast as you have won.

While luck plays a significant role in winning the jackpot or lottery, there is also a big role that your choice of casino plays here. Only a respectable casino will let you take home the money you win. It is advisable to bet on casinos only after reading the reviews from Vegas Online Casino. We are partners with casinos like MyBookie and other similar legitimate sportsbooks.

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