Betr Expands to Virginia with Launch of Sportsbook, Marking Third State Entry

Posted on: September 6, 2023, 10:02h. 

Last updated on: September 6, 2023, 10:02h.

The Betr Sportsbook launches in Virginia, making it the third state entry for the company, following Ohio and Massachusetts. Find out more about this exciting development in the world of sports betting.

Betr Sportsbook Virginia Jake Paul
Betr co-founder Jake Paul in the gym. Betr announced today the launch of its sportsbook app in Virginia, the sports betting upstart’s third state entry. (Image: The Sun)

According to Betr Holdings, Inc., the Betr Sportsbook Virginia launch will be its final debut this year. Discover what sets this sportsbook apart from the rest.

Bet on your favorite sports in Virginia with the Betr Sportsbook. Joey Levy, one of the founders, expresses excitement about introducing their differentiated product experience to the dynamic fan base in the state. Learn more about the online sports betting business and its plans for the upcoming NFL season.

Betr is revolutionizing the sports betting industry with its new online sportsbook platform, called “V1 Sportsbook.” Get all the details about Betr’s plans for expanding its market presence in 2024.

Betr Sportsbook is no longer just about microbetting. Find out how the company is broadening its offerings by including traditional sportsbook lines like outrights, spreads, and over/under point totals.

Discover the increased betting opportunities available in Ohio, Massachusetts, and Virginia with the Betr Sportsbook V1. Get ready to place your bets and enjoy a whole new level of excitement.

The Virginia Lottery has approved Betr’s sportsbook application, ensuring a safe and regulated betting environment for customers in the state. Learn more about the licensing process and requirements.

Betr takes responsible gambling seriously. Find out how the company imposes mandatory deposit limits for patrons aged 21 to 25, promoting a safe and sustainable betting experience.

Expanding Into Fantasy Sports

Betr is also making waves in the fantasy sports world with its product called Betr Picks. Learn more about this exciting fantasy sports-based “pick ’em” game and its availability in 24 states.

Betr’s successful DFS operations may help the company secure sports betting licenses in new states. Discover how Betr is leveraging its fantasy sports platform to expand into the world of legal sports betting.

Betr is proving its credibility to state gaming regulators by demonstrating a history of successful DFS operations. Find out how this can benefit Betr as it seeks additional sports betting licenses.

While most states consider fantasy sports a game of skill, some, like Virginia, require DFS companies to apply for licenses. Discover the licensing process and requirements for fantasy sports in Virginia.

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