Brazen Daytime Attack Occurs at SkyCity Auckland Casino, Resulting in Robbery

Posted on: September 8, 2023, 07:42h. 

Last updated on: September 8, 2023, 07:42h.

A bold daylight robbery has rocked the SkyCity Auckland casino, adding to the list of troubles the company is currently facing. The brazen nature of the theft has raised concerns and left authorities scrambling to apprehend the criminal.

The entrance to the SkyCity Auckland casino property in New Zealand
The entrance to the SkyCity Auckland casino property in New Zealand. A thief robbed the casino Friday afternoon. (Image: RNZ)

SkyCity Entertainment is currently facing regulatory scrutiny in New Zealand and Australia regarding potential links to money laundering and compliance with responsible gambling guidelines.

However, details regarding the robbery remain scarce as the casino has not released much information. Thankfully, no one was harmed during the incident, and law enforcement is now diligently working to gather evidence and track down the perpetrator.

Man on the Run

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon around 12:30 PM local time, according to the New Zealand Herald. Initial reports suggest that the unidentified assailant approached a casino worker and demanded all the cash on hand.

Although the thief claimed to be armed, he never displayed a weapon. Nevertheless, the employee complied with the demands, allowing the crook to escape on foot. The amount of money stolen has not been disclosed by SkyCity.

A spokesperson for the company assured the public that the police are actively investigating the matter and that the robbery did not pose a danger to the general public. Support is being provided to affected staff members to help them cope with the ordeal.

Robberies are not uncommon in the cash-driven casino industry, often fueled by greed or desperation. To combat such incidents, most casinos employ advanced surveillance systems with extensive camera coverage. Unfortunately, the perpetrator at SkyCity Auckland either disregarded or remained unaware of this security measure.

Capturing footage of the thief either in the act or roaming the casino, authorities have confirmed that the suspect is already known to them.

Latest Headache For SkyCity

A casino theft brings numerous challenges, including financial losses, damage to reputation, potential customer fears, and administrative burdens. However, for SkyCity, this incident pales in comparison to the company’s ongoing issues.

The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has suggested the possibility of a temporary closure of up to 10 days for SkyCity Auckland due to allegations of non-compliance with responsible gambling protocols. The decision now rests with the New Zealand Gambling Commission.

Additionally, the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre and South Australia’s Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner are conducting independent investigations into allegations of anti-money laundering breaches at SkyCity Adelaide casino.

All investigations are still ongoing, and the timeframe for their conclusions varies from as soon as 30 days to potentially up to a year depending on each case.

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