Celebrating the Anniversary of Hoover Dam’s ‘Homicide Hotel’

The recently held 90th anniversary of the Boulder Dam Hotel gala event, located in Boulder City, showcased the luxurious two-story Colonial style building to celebrate its 1930s period. Over the years, The hotel has been home to many celebrity guests and has been the center of unresolved controversies. Raymond Spilsbury, the hotel’s owner, drowned in the nearby Colorado River, sparking accusations of foul play from his widow. The hotel’s alleged association with a darker story that remains unresolved draws considerable interest. Additionally, the story raises questions about the involvement of those associated with the hotel and its neighboring businesses. The mystery persists despite a ruling of suicide, and the role of former business partners continues to raise suspicion. This controversial tale of the hotel and surrounding businesses adds a hazy elasticity to the muddy details of the death of Spilsbury. The mystery tells lies of betrayal, conspiracy, and murder that culminate in controversy to this day.

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