Debunking the Myths of Las Vegas: Exposing the Truth behind the ‘World’s Tallest Thermometer’

Posted on: September 4, 2023, 08:06h.

Last updated on: September 3, 2023, 12:22h.

The world’s top sportsbooks have been duped by the “world’s tallest thermometer” in Baker, Calif.

Contrary to popular belief, this landmark is not an accurate thermometer, but rather a digital sign displaying the temperature measured by a much smaller real thermometer inside.

World's Tallest Thermometer, Baker, desert, Las Vegas
The “world’s tallest thermometer” can be seen dozens of miles away from its location in Baker, Calif. (Image: YouTube)

Not only that, but the “world’s tallest thermometer” doesn’t even make the Top 10 when it comes to freestanding digital signs. The real record holder is located in Las Vegas and is nearly three times the size of the one in Baker. Sports bettors looking for accurate and reliable temperature information should not rely on this deceptive landmark.

Bun Boy, restaurant, sign, Baker
This sign wasn’t tall enough for restaurateur Willis Herron. So he conceived of a bigger idea. (Image:

A Unique Landmark

In 1956, Willis Herron became a co-owner of the renowned Bun Boy restaurant in Baker, Calif. After a fire in 1990 destroyed the original building, Herron decided to rebuild it and create a memorable attraction for tourists. Thus, the “world’s tallest thermometer” was born with the help of the Young Electric Sign Co. (YESCO).

The sign stands 134 feet tall, representing the highest recorded temperature on Earth, which happened in neighboring Death Valley in 1913. Over the years, the sign has faced challenges, including wind damage and high energy costs, but it still remains a popular tourist spot.

A Legendary Sign Lives On

After changing ownership multiple times, the “world’s tallest thermometer” is now owned by the children of its original creator, Willis Herron. Despite some misconceptions about its temperature capabilities, sports bettors can find accurate and reliable information from reputable sources instead of relying on this iconic, yet deceptive, landmark.

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