Caribbean Hold’em Poker

Everyone knows that Texas Hold’em Poker gets all of the attention. Sometimes it seems like it’s the only child in the world of poker. With its multi-million dollar tournaments in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, you’d think it’s the only poker game in town. Well at Slots.lv, we’re happy to let you know that’s simply not the case.

Welcome to the world of Caribbean Hold’em, where the stakes are small, the pots are big and the progressive jackpot could have you holding an impressive stack of cash.

Learn how to play Caribbean Hold’em today and prove that you indeed know when to hold’em and when to fold’em.


First, the player must choose their wager amount, ranging from $1 (minimum) to $500 (maximum), and then click the Deal button. Both the Player and the Dealer are dealt two cards, face up  for the Player, face down for the Dealer.  These cards are known as pocket cards. This is followed by three community cards dealt face up in the middle for all to share, called the flop. The Player raises by placing a bet that is twice the size of his ante if he thinks his hand is better or folds if he thinks it isn’t. Clicking Fold forfeits the ante. Two more cards are dealt to the flop. Some or all the cards can be used to make the best poker hand possible.

Whoever creates a better five-card hand wins the game. A player’s Ante is paid 1:1 and the Raise is paid according to the quality of the hand. Players should keep in mind that the dealer must also qualify by having a pair of 4s or better. If the dealer does not qualify, the player wins the Ante and the Raise is returned to as a push.

Card Values

Hands are ranked according to standard poker rules.

Hand Name Description Example Payout
Royal Flush A, K, Q, J, 10 of same suit AH, KH, QH, JH, 10H 100:1
Straight Flush Five cards of same suit in sequence 7S, 6S, 5S, 4S, 3S 20:1
4 of a Kind Four cards of same rank 6S, 6H, 6D, 6C 10:1
Full House Three of a kind, plus a pair 2S, 2H, 2D, 3S, 3H 3:1
Flush Five cards of same suit 10D, 9D, 7D, 5D, 2D 2:1
Straight Five cards in sequence, mixed suits 7D, 6S, 5H, 4C, 3H Even Money
3 of a Kind Three cards of same rank 7S, 7D, 7C Even Money
Two Pair/td> Two pairs of different rank 6S, 6H, 4D, 4C Even Money
One Pair One pair (two cards) of same rank KH, KD Even Money
High Card Five cards of different ranks and suits AH, KS, 10D, 5C, 2S Even Money
Raise Bet Even Money


Progressive Jackpot

Just like Caribbean Stud Poker there is a lucrative progressive jackpot to be won if a player wagers an extra dollar on the Progressive Coin Slot before pressing the Deal button at the beginning of the game. Caribbean Hold’em progressive payouts are based on a five-card poker hand that is made using your first two cards and the flop. If the player doesn’t bet an extra dollar, they won’t be eligible for the progressive.

Only five hands qualify for the progressive jackpot:

Hand Rank Description
Royal Flush 100%
Straight Flush 10%
Four of a Kind $500
Full House $100
Flush $75



  • Deal – Used to start the game after the player has placed a bet.
  • Raise – Used to make an additional bet that is twice the ante. In the downloadable version, click on the Call button to double the ante.
  • Fold – Used to forfeit the ante and end the game.