Shopping Spree

We know you work hard every day so make sure you kick off those heels, grab a Cosmopolitan and relax with Shopping Spree. This Slot game captures every girl’s favorite pastime and is the only place where shopping could earn you money. For your window shopping pleasure, this 5-Reel Slot game offers a large selection of lipsticks, purses, shoes and much more. If you’re a skilled shopper and are able to grab five of every girl’s best friend in a row, you’ll be showered with a shopping spree of a lifetime. Ladies, it’s time to shop ‘til you drop!



  • First, the player must add credits to the machine by clicking on the chip denomination they wish to play with or by clicking on the machine’s coin slot. Any number of credits can be added, up to the full balance of the player’s account.
  • To add one credit, click on the coin slot on the bottom right of the machine.
  • To add multiple credits, click on the chip symbols.
  • The next step involves choosing how many credits to bet per spin, up to a maximum of five coins at a time.
  • The player can press Bet One to bet a single credit at a time. Pressing Bet One twice allows the player to bet two credits at a time and so on, until the maximum of five credits per spin is selected.
  • Once satisfied with the bet amount, the player must press Spin Reel.


Big Money Scatter Bonus

  • Hit three Cash symbols anywhere on the screen and they will pay out a big scatter bonus.
  • This will appear with any credits bet or any number of lines, and pay an amount relative to the player’s total bet on the spin.
  • Win up to 360 credits by spinning with max coins and max lines bet.
  • Total amount is the player’s bet times the number of lines.

Mystery Grab Bag Bonus Round

  • Three Mystery Grab Bags trigger the Mystery Grab Bag Bonus Round with any amount bet, or number of lines bet.
  • Click on one of the Question Marks and the player will win an amount relative to their total bet on the spin.
  • Keep opening adjacent boxes until the Collect symbol is found.
  • Win up to 4,000 credits by spinning with max coins and max lines bet.
  • Total amount bet is the player’s bet times the number of lines.

Progressive Jackpot

  • Five Diamond Rings on a maximum bet trigger the entire progressive jackpot.


  • Pay Table – See what each combinations pays.
  • Select Lines – Bet one more line, up to a total of nine.
  • Bet One – Bet one coin (can be pressed up to five times on a 3-Reel).
  • Spin – Spin the reels and start the game.
  • Bet Max – Bet the maximum amount of coins and lines.

Other Rules

  • Min bet – $0.25
  • Max bet – $11.25 or 45 coins
  • All lines pay left to right, beginning on the first reel and continuing adjacent reels only.
  • Only the largest win on each line pays.
  • Play max coins for maximum win. Bet up to 45 coins at a time.
  • Total amount bet is the bet times the number of lines.
  • Malfunction voids all plays and pays.