Super Diamond Mine

No pain, no gain. This online Slot game is all about gain but you need to make sure that you’re willing to work hard to get the job done. Strap on the hard hat and grab a flashlight, as Slots.lv takes you deep down into the caves of Super Diamond Mine. Spin the reels and work with picks, sticks of dynamite and boulders to try and uncover big beautiful diamonds. Once you’ve found 99 diamonds get ready for a Super Diamond Bonus round where you could walk away sparkling with riches.


  • Add credits to the machine by clicking on the chip denomination or on the machine’s coin slot.
  • Bet each spin, up to a max of 45 coins at a time.
  • Bet $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00 per line.



  • Collect symbols with diamonds to create combinations.
  • Diamonds can appear with other symbols and combine on a payline to increase payouts.

Cascading Diamonds

  • When diamonds appear on a reel, they will slide across the reel in the direction they are pointing.
  • As they slide over each symbol, they will drop into the symbol, increasing the number of diamonds available for payouts.

Super Diamond Mine Bonus

  • With each spin, the diamonds present in all of the visible symbols will be added to the diamond counter.
  • When the diamond counter reaches 99, the Super Diamond Mine Bonus Round begins.
  • Players can direct the gnome miner to explore seven different mines by clicking on an entrance. They can accumulate bonus credits along the way. Bonus round ends if a player chooses a collapsing mine entrance. Dynamite meter is set back to zero.
  • Win up to 4,950 credits by spinning with max coins and max lines bet.

Random Progressive Jackpot

  • The progressive jackpot could be won if the player plays the maximum bet and get five Mine symbols.


  • Cash Out – Used to cash out any credits and winnings.
  • Select Lines – Used to add a line to the player’s bet, up to nine lines.
  • Bet One – Used to bet one coin.
  • Spin – Used to spin the reels and start the game.
  • Max Bet – Used to bet the maximum coins and lines.