Vegas Three Card Rummy

Slots.lv is bringing the excitement of Las Vegas to your fingertips with Vegas Three Card Rummy. This fun 52-card casino game isn’t like the rest. In fact, it goes against the grain of every game on the planet because in Vegas Three Card Rummy, the lowest score wins the game.

In this Table Game, both you and the dealer receive three cards. You then get to decide whether to Raise the ante and go head to head with the house. Don’t forget, the aim of the game is to end up with the lowest possible scoring hand. If you can beat the dealer by getting fewer points, you’ll win big. Don’t worry, what happens at the Slots.lv Vegas Three Card Rummy table actually stays there, so let loose and enjoy.


  • Both the player and dealer receive three cards. The player’s cards are dealt face up and the dealer’s are face down. If the player believes their hand can beat the dealer’s, the player must Raise with a bet equal to their original ante. To qualify, the dealer’s hand must equal 20 points or less. If he qualifies, the lowest score wins. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the player wins even money on the ante and their Raise is returned.


  • Cards are shuffled after every hand.
  • In this game the lowest scoring hand wins.
  • Card values work as follows: cards 2 through 10 count as face value; jack, queen and king are equal to 10 points; aces are equal to 1 point; and any pair, triple, two-card suited run or three-card suited run are equal to 0 points.
  • Ace, king is not considered a suited run.
  • When a hand can be scored as either a pair or a two-card suited run and neither leads to a lower score, the two-card suited run will always be used to determine the score.
  • When a hand can be scored as either a pair or a two-card suited run, the two cards that will be chosen will result in the lowest possible score for a given hand.


  • The Bonus Bet is won if the player’s hand contains 12 points or less. The dealer’s hand has nothing to do with the Bonus Bet.


  • Raise Bet:
  • Winner    Score    Payouts
  • Player    0    4:1
  • Player    1-5    2:1
  • Player    6-19    1:1
  • Player/Dealer tie    Any    Push

Bonus Bet:

  • Winner    Payouts
  • A-2-3    Suited run 100:1
  • 0    25:1
  • 1-6    2:1
  • 7-10    1:1
  • 11-12    4:1


  • Bet – In the download version, to place an Ante Bet, the player must click on Ante and then the chip value that they wish to bet. When the player decides to play the hand, they must click on the Bet button to Raise with a bet amount equal to the Ante amount. To place a Bonus Bet, the player must click on Bonus Bet and then on the desired chip value they wish to bet.
  • Deal – Once the bets have been placed, press Deal to begin the game.
  • Raise – If the player feels they can beat the dealer, click Raise to continue.
  • Fold – Clicking on Fold ends the current game and forfeits the Ante and Bonus Bets.
  • Rebet – Clicking on Rebet repeats the previous bet(s) and deals the cards.