Iowa and Iowa State Football Players Engage in Betting on Their Own Games

Posted on: August 11, 2023, 10:28h.

Last updated on: August 11, 2023, 10:28h.

Iowa Football Players Charged in Sports Gambling Probe

Jirehl Brock
Iowa State running back Jirehl Brock, seen here on the verge of scoring a touchdown against Baylor, was charged in the latest sports gambling investigation. (Image: AP)

Several football players from Iowa State University and the University of Iowa have been charged in a sports gambling investigation. One player, Isaiah Lee from Iowa State, is accused of betting against his own team. Find out more about the ongoing probe and the charges against the players.

Johnson, Bruce, Bracy Bet on Iowa Games

Jack Johnson, Arland Bruce IV, and Reggie Bracy from the University of Iowa are among the players who have been charged for betting on Iowa games. Details of the bets they placed and the consequences they may face can be found here.

Isaiah Lee Bet Against Iowa State

Isaiah Lee, a defensive lineman from Chicago, is one of the players charged in the gambling investigation. He is accused of placing bets against his own team, Iowa State. Learn more about the wagers he made and the potential consequences he may face.

14 Student-Athletes at Iowa, Iowa State Now Accused

The list of charged student-athletes from Iowa and Iowa State continues to grow. Find out the latest names, including their positions and potential implications for their future eligibility.

Iowa State University released an official statement regarding the ongoing investigation and its efforts to address the eligibility issues with the involved student-athletes.

Get the latest updates on the gambling probe involving student-athletes from Iowa and Iowa State. Discover how these charges may impact their careers and the actions taken by the universities and NCAA in response.

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