MSG Sphere in Las Vegas Proposes Utilizing 70% Solar Energy

Posted on: August 24, 2023, 03:51h. 

Last updated on: August 24, 2023, 03:51h.

On Thursday, Sphere Entertainment submitted a 25-year proposal to power its upcoming MSG Sphere venue using solar energy. The $2.3 billion venue, set to open on Sept. 29 with U2 as the residency, aims to utilize solar power for its nightly light shows and other entertainment. The majority of the power, about 70%, will be sourced from the sun. This move aligns with Sphere Entertainment’s commitment to minimizing environmental impact and creating a sustainable operation for the future. Sphere Entertainment has partnered with Nevada Energy to establish the Sierra Solar Project, a dedicated solar energy field, and a separate battery storage complex for the Sphere. The proposal is awaiting approval from the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada before proceeding.

MSG Sphere, Sun
The Exosphere of the MSG Sphere — which contains 580,000 square feet of programmable lighting — mimicks the very celestial object from which its creators want it to obtain most of its energy. (Image: YouTube)

Rich Claffey, Sphere Entertainment’s executive VP and COO, expressed the company’s commitment to sustainability: “From the outset, we designed Sphere to minimize environmental impact and to help create a sustainable operation well into the future. We’re proud to enter into this agreement with NV Energy and partner with them to achieve both of those important goals.”

Nothing Like the Sun

The proposed plan involves Nevada Energy constructing the Sierra Solar Project, a dedicated solar energy field, and a separate battery storage complex for the Sphere. Until these resources are completed, the Sphere will rely on existing non-renewable sources for its power. However, the operators have committed to obtaining renewable energy credits from NV Energy to offset the environmental impact. The filing did not disclose the exact amount of power to be produced by the new resources or the rate at which Sphere would pay, as per Nevada law and commission regulations. Contrary to previous reports, it is false that the venue would consume 150 terrawatt-hours of energy per year. The Exosphere will not require 3.5 percent of all energy generated in the US to operate, as that would exceed the total electricity generated by the country in 2022, which was 4,243 terrawatt-hours. NV Energy has requested a decision from the commission by Feb. 2, 2024.

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