Spanish Croupier Caught Manipulating Roulette Wheel to Help Father Win

Posted on: August 17, 2023, 07:07h. 

Last updated on: August 17, 2023, 07:07h.

Casino Mediterraneo Alicante in Alicante, Spain, experienced an unfortunate incident involving a scam by two employees and the father of one of them. The culprits, a croupier and his wife who was the table boss, were quickly apprehended and are currently facing trial for their illegal activities.

The Casino Mediterraneo Alicante at dusk
The Casino Mediterraneo Alicante at dusk

The trio devised a plan to defraud the casino of potentially millions of euros, successfully obtaining nearly €50,000 (US$54,410) within a month of implementing their scheme. They manipulated the roulette game to ensure the croupier’s father would consistently emerge as the winner.

The casino detected the fraudulent activities and promptly halted the operation by involving the police. Authorities in Alicante are now prepared to bring charges against the three individuals involved.

A Unique Twist on an Established Scheme

Roulette table scams are not unheard of, with shady casinos employing such tactics as far back as a century ago. Even today, criminals are continuously seeking innovative methods to exploit the game.

However, this particular scheme deviated from the traditional approach normally associated with roulette scams. Instead of manipulating the ball to achieve a desired outcome, the chips were surreptitiously moved to the winning position on the layout after the ball had come to a stop.

This deceptive strategy was repeated over five days in February and another fourteen days in March of the previous year, resulting in a total cash haul of €46,325 (US$50,410). According to the prosecution, the father consistently emerged as the winner, pocketing at least €400 (US$435) on a daily basis.

The prosecutor’s office intends to proceed with a trial and has formally charged the three defendants with perpetrating a continuous fraud. They are seeking a prison sentence of three years for the two defendants who were employed by the casino, as well as a two-year prison sentence for the croupier’s father.

The prosecution has also recommended that the trio reimburse the casino for the stolen funds, which would include additional fees and interest.

Flawed Planning and Poor Execution

These events transpired between February and March of the previous year. On the days when the couple operated the American roulette table, the croupier’s father would visit the casino and head directly to the table where his son was working.

The decision to exclusively play at a roulette table where family members oversaw the proceedings undoubtedly raised suspicions, as casinos closely monitor their tables. Such behavior is strictly prohibited by gaming regulations in Alicante.

To execute their scheme, the father placed a bet after the ball had dropped, and the two employees accepted the wager despite the fact that they should have declined it since the ball had already stopped spinning. With the table manager’s consent, the croupier discreetly moved the chips onto the number where the ball had landed, facilitating the payoff to his father.

In recent years, Spain has faced difficulties in maintaining the integrity of its roulette games, both manual and electronic. However, each time a criminal attempts to outsmart the system, casinos learn from the experience and make adjustments to prevent future incidents.

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