26 Policemen Lose Their Jobs Due to POGO-Linked Sex Trafficking in the Philippines

Posted on: November 6, 2023, 11:13h. 

Last updated on: November 6, 2023, 11:13h.

Authorities dismantle illegal gambling and sex trafficking ring in Pasay City, Philippines. Local police partially blamed for their involvement, leading to 26 officers, including the police chief, losing their jobs. Read more here.

Pasay City police officers on duty
Pasay City police officers on duty. 26 officers have lost their jobs for not doing enough to stop an illegal gambling and sex trafficking ring in the city. (Image: The Philippine Star)

Philippine officials rescue 731 individuals caught in illegal gambling and sex trafficking operations. Investigation reveals police had knowledge of the activities. Police chief and substation commander removed from their positions. Read more here.

One Strike Only

Former POGOs Xushen Technology Corp. and Freego Computer Gaming OPC involved in the illegal operations, despite having their licenses revoked. Temporary license obtained under Smart Web Technology Corp. Detailed investigation to be conducted. Learn more.

Investigation targets police chief, substation commander, and 24 unnamed officers. Government seeks answers on how the illegal activities went unnoticed for so long. One-strike policy implemented for commanders failing to fulfill duties. Find out more.

Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission, Department of Justice, and other agencies lead successful raid on illegal operations. Victims mainly from China and the Philippines, forced into various criminal activities and subjected to physical torture. Read the full story here.

Torture room discovered in the building used to punish customers. Crackdown on illegal gambling likely to reveal more operations in the future. Further arrests expected. Click here to learn more.

Philippines intensify efforts to combat illegal gambling, resulting in significant bust. Stay updated on the latest developments.


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