888Casino Announces New Poker Game To Be Launched

888poker-logoIf you are a poker-savvy, obviously, you will be on the lookout for a new and more exciting poker game. Indeed, you are lucky that there is a fresh challenging poker game Pik’em Poker from the house of Global Online Game 888 Holdings. It is no exaggeration that the new multi-hand game would enhance the excitement. It is also heartening to know that the innovation in poker games is coming from none other than the top-notch masters of the poker games Playtech.

Level Your Pick

Your eyes would pop up with the thrill when a paytable on the bottom right screen displays a higher value, no sooner you select an escalated level. Your chances of the prize money increase tenfold of your bet for 9s or higher. Similarly, you can expect 15 for two pairs and even at the higher level of 25 for 3. An incredible 55 is assured when it is a straight line and in case of a Flush, it is amazing at the 75, which impresses every player. The stunning bonanza of incentives does not stop here. The Full House is set at 90, which further raises to 600 in case of 4. In addition, you also have the Straight Flush offering splendid 1199 and the Royal Flush, a fantastic 6000.


You need not to be skeptical whether there exists a feature of customization as is common in any reputed online gaming industry. There are multi options of personalizing the games’ menu like disabling the warning messages. You also have an option to choose the intro video, which would facilitate you to get a hang on the innovative poker game.

Turning to the audio settings too, you have a wide choice where you have an option to control the audio level and mute the active voice of a dealer as per your choice.

If you are ready with final customization, you can activate ‘Deal’ button enabling the animation of the card hands would show up. The choice of hands selected by you is also strategically displayed. The two hands would be displayed in the center while the remaining hands would be placed above. No sooner, you would select the deck than you will see the cards are dealt automatically. You know it is possible to win with multiple hands in one go, which you will come to know whether you are lucky of winning at the game.

In case you do not want to collect the prize money, you can opt for Double or Double Half. When a dealer card is drawn, you can reveal your cards and the best of the three hands wins.

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