A Basic Guide To Place Bets On A Sportsbook

If you are a regular punter on the online casino games, you might be tempted to try your luck wagering your stake at a Sportsbook. As a novice player, you need not have any inhibition of betting with a bookmaker. If you want to be an expert, you need to make a beginning of the jargons of sports betting.

As a first step, you should know that the terminology differs from one sport to another. Therefore, let us flip through as to how to place a bet at a Sportsbook of popular games.



Straight Bet

The simpler bet is a straight bet, which is common and is usually 10/11. In other words, the wager of $11 would win $10 bringing a total return of $21.

Spread Point

The betting on a football match is determined by the win or ‘cover the spread’. The point spread is always displayed to the right of a team. The team you bet must win with a higher point than the cover spread displayed.

If you bet on any other team, you will be declared as won the bet if a team wins or the games end in a tie. Alternatively, your favorite team loses the game by not more than the ‘covered spread’ points.

Horse Race

There are multiple options of betting in the horseracing. The first is the ‘win,’ which means the horse you bet must win. If you ‘place’ the bet, the horse must finish either first or second. Similarly, in a ‘show,’ the choice is still widened to the first order to finish a favorite horse.

If you could predict the one to win, one to place and another to show, you are betting ‘across the board.’

Methods of Betting

With an advancement of technology, there are multiple choices to bet on the sportsbook.

  • Telephone betting: You can simply call a betting service and check the bookmakers available for betting. Once you know the odds, you can place a bet for which you need to pay through the Debit or Credit or other payment methods.
  • Online Bookmakers: This is the easiest and the most convenient method to bet. On the favorite online bookmaker, you can deposit the amount in your account and exercise a choice of betting would be only a few clicks away. The choice of sports and other events are aplenty, where you can expect some bonus and other rewards too.

In addition, you can visit any Bookmaker shop or the Casino Sportsbooks to place your bets.

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