All You Should Know About Federation Cup 2019

Undoubtedly, tennis is another sport watched by millions of sports lovers across the globe. There is no exaggeration that next to football, tennis is a truly international sport.

Most of the people are aware of the Fed Cup. Many enthusiasts for multiple reasons keenly follow the world’s biggest Tennis Championship. You might agree that one can expect a variety of players than the men’s tennis events. With many surprises store for you, the chances of guessing the outcome of an event are rather tricky. The stakes on the Sportsbook also go high as the matches’ progress. You would probably expect the odds very volatile when the seasoned champions of the previous years, reverse the positions.

The next Fed Cup is special in some aspects. Firstly, the United Kingdom would witness the Fed Cup 2019 after a long gap of 25 years.



The four nations winning their first round of World Group in the quarterfinals in February would qualify for semi-finals scheduled in the month of March 2019. In the play-off would be among those nations who lose in the first round.

The first round winners from the World Group II and the first round losers of the World Group would decide the promotion and relegation in the Playoffs.

Similarly, the position would be based on the outcome of the events of World Group II for qualifying the semi-finals and finals slated in November. Likewise, there are three Zone Groups, which are again sub-divided into two divisions. There is only one location for the events within the Zone Groups.

Some Useful Tips

As you master your games at the online casino, you should also master your strategy for a win at the bookmaker. If at all, you are serious about winning your bets, you should not leave the track of the performance of a nation as well as the players among those national teams.

The information shows the US during the years 1976 to 1982, has not tasted defeat in the Fed Cup. A rare feat in the history of women’s tennis and they can boast of 17 victories to their credit. Such data would help you in an accurate prediction at the event in Fed Cup 2019.

If you have kept a track of the events, you would have observed that the players competing in the mixed events would generally reach the Fed Cup. You would be able to apply the odds with such information at the back of your mind.

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