Arrest Made in Reno for Sex Offenses

Posted on: December 7, 2023, 11:50h.

Last updated on: December 7, 2023, 11:50h.

A 27-year-old man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly engaged in illegal sex acts at an unnamed Reno, Nev. gaming property.

Reno Police Department patch
Reno Police Department patch on officer’s uniform. Reno cops arrested a man for alleged sex crimes. (Image: KRNV)

The suspect, Bill Ellis, first groped an elderly casino worker, police said. Some 40 minutes later, Ellis approached a second woman in a casino restroom.

He allegedly brandished a knife and then dropped his pants. The victim got him to leave the restroom. But instead of leaving her alone, he ordered her to another location in the casino complex.

That’s where he beat her, and when he was about to drop his pants again, the victim screamed, police said. Ellis ran off.

The victim told police about the incidents and officers reviewed surveillance video.

Reno Police Department officers located Ellis later a short time later. He was apprehended and booked.

Nevada TV station KTVN reported that Ellis was charged with:

  • False imprisonment with a deadly weapon (sexually motivated)
  • Battery to commit sexual assault with a deadly weapon
  • Attempted sexual assault
  • Battery to commit sexual assault with elderly enhancement
  • Open and gross lewdness

Jaguars Employee Steals $22M

A now ex-employee of the Jacksonville Jaguars allegedly stole more than $22M from the NFL team. Some of the money was spent on gambling, authorities said.

A document filed last week in U.S. District Court in Jacksonville, Fla. claimed part of the $22,221,454.40 was used on online wagering by the defendant, Amit Patel.

He allegedly spent some of the ill-gotten loot on personal items, including buying a $95K Patek Philippe Nautilus watch, condos, and vehicles.

Patel was charged with wire fraud and illegal monetary transaction. If found guilty, Patel may be forced to forfeit property “in the amount of at least $22,221,454.40, which represents the proceeds of the offense,” as well as the assets purchased with the money, according to the filing.

Patel began working for the Jaguars in 2018. He was fired by the team in February.

The money was stolen by using the team’s virtual credit card (VCC) system. Patel was administrator of the VCC program.

Overall, he was coordinator, financial planning and analysis, and later manager, financial planning and analysis for the team, The Athletic reported. He oversaw monthly financial statements and department budgets, the report added.

The scheme took place between 2019 and 2023.

Hid Illegal Transactions

To steal the money, he allegedly hid illegal transactions by identifying “reoccurring VCC transactions, such as catering, airfare, and hotel charges, and then duplicated those transactions; he inflated the amounts of legitimate reoccurring transactions; he entered completely fictitious transactions that might sound plausible, but that never actually occurred,” the filing revealed.

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