Atlantic City Casino Wants To Increase Entertainment With Concert Promoters (Partnership)


The Ocean Resort Casino is partnering with show marketers to increase its entertainment services as it looks for to participate in the ruthless Atlantic City night life industry.

The gambling establishment introduced an offer Monday with The Bowery Presents/AEG to host shows at the Boardwalk property, which has provided its fair-share of famous entertainment shows and concerts ever since it opened in June

List of acts revealed on Monday involve Brooks & Dunn,Lee Brice, Kenny Loggins, Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, The Monkees, The Isley Brothers, and also comic Frank Caliendo.

Having a solid lineup of scheduled shows and concerts should be taken into consideration when accomplishing success in the revived Atlantic City market. Ocean Resort opened the very same day as Hard Rock, which revealed its schedule for big concert shows and stand-up comedy that will take place in its very first year of operations.

For 10 years now, Atlantic City has actually made a collective effort to increase its attraction as an entertainment city, not only a destination to bet, where casinos neglect entertainment at their risk.

Getting Big-Names To Perform


The casino’s owner, Bruce Defik mentioned ” We are ecstatic that we finally have an entertainment announcement of real consequence.We have another 110 to 120 offers out to artists.”

Ocean Resort, the previous Revel gambling establishment, has a venue that hosts an estimated 5,500-seat at the Ovation Hall. However, there have been only a few number of famous names and celebrities showing up to perform including from Kesha, Wanda Sykes and also Wayne Brady. Beside them,there has not been any other big-name appearances thus far.

Deifik stated it has been hard to schedule a complete lineup of shows and concerts prior to the casino being licensed to begin its operations.

Though Hard Rock was able to proceed as it had the connections and networking to bring in musicians, agents, managers… And also the Borgata has represented an A-list musical and also stand-up comics for 15 years.

Defik further stated ” Hard Rock is one of the great brands of the world and they have decades of relationships with artists. We area single, family-owned property that’s trying to activate an entertainment roster. My hat is off to the Hard Rock.”

Beside that, another way of entertaining yourself in Atlantic City is going to the sportsbooks. Although it involves gambling, sports betting could take up most of your time in the casinos especially if you are cheering for your favorite team. Its looking like Atlantic City is coming out of its coffin.





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