Baseball Fans of the Yankees Are Clearly the Most Superstitious

Posted on: July 23, 2023, 09:17h. Last updated on: July 23, 2023, 09:17h.
The New York Yankees hold the record for the most championships in MLB history, with 27 World Series victories. Surprisingly, the Yankees also boast the most superstitious fans in baseball. Even some of the most iconic Yankees players have their own strange rituals and superstitions. The Yankees have a passionate and dedicated fanbase, which also ranks as the fourth most superstitious among major professional sports teams. In a recent survey conducted by, the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Lakers tied for first place as the most superstitious fans, followed by the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Yankees came in at number four, just ahead of the Chicago Bears.
Don’t Jinx the Pitcher
Superstitions aren’t limited to the fans – many baseball players have their own rituals and routines as well. One common superstition among teammates is to avoid mentioning a no-hitter or perfect game in progress, as it is believed to jinx the pitcher. Announcers also steer clear of uttering the words “no-hitter” during their broadcast, and fans avoid verbalizing the act for fear of jinxing their team. This was evident when Yankees pitcher Domingo German threw a perfect game, with his teammates intentionally avoiding him to avoid jinxing his performance against the Oakland A’s.
Sweat, Chicken, and Golden Thongs
Throughout the years, various members of the Yankees have developed their own rituals, routines, and superstitions. Pitcher Orlando ‘El Duque’ Hernandez was known for avoiding stepping on the foul lines during games. Pitcher Roger Clemens would always rub sweat from his forehead on Babe Ruth’s plaque in Monument Park, considering it his good luck charm. Five-time batting champion Wade Boggs had a special pregame ritual of eating chicken before every game, regardless of the time. Slugger Jason Giambi famously wore a gold thong to break a hitting slump, a technique he shared with teammates Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon. Jeter also had a ritual of rubbing the head of bench coach Don Zimmer for good luck.
Personal Superstitions
As a die-hard Yankees fan, I try to avoid superstitions, as submitting to one means being controlled by it. However, after leaving New York City, I developed my own rituals in October to feel closer to home. During the playoffs, I would order a pizza from Mulberry Street, owned by a New York City transplant, to put me in a New York mood. If the Yankees won a playoff game, I would wear the same outfit until they lost. If they lost, I would retire that ensemble, even retiring some of my favorite hats in the process. However, after the 2019 ALCS loss to the Houston Astros, in which Aroldis Chapman gave up a walk-off home run, I retired a branded hoodie that I was wearing during the game. It now sits at the bottom of a drawer, as it brings back painful memories.
Superstitious Fans: Lucky Glasses, Muting Announcers
Fans also have their own superstitions, such as wearing lucky hats or jerseys. Some fans have rituals involving food, drinks, seating arrangements, or even muting announcers during games. For example, during the 1996 World Series, a group of friends in Miami would meet up at the same house, sit in the same seats, and drink the same drinks each night. Another fan would drink specific beers from lucky glasses during playoffs and toast every Yankee home run. One fan admitted to muting the broadcast if the Yankees were ahead late in the game and the announcers were about to assume a victory, as they didn’t like to count their chickens before they hatch.
Despite the superstitions, the Yankees have not won an AL pennant or World Series since 2009. This year, they are considered underdogs to make the playoffs, which means fans will need to provide them with a spiritual boost by wearing their lucky hats and jerseys.

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