Celebrity Attendance at the Grand Opening of Fountainbleau Las Vegas Overflowed

As of December 14, 2023, 11:46h, the private casino party celebrated the opening of the Fontainebleau resort and the 55th birthday of its founder. Among the highlights were Justin Timberlake’s performance and appearances by high-profile figures such as Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady.

The newly expanded Fontainebleau Hotel, now luxurious resort and casino, welcomed many celebrities to inaugurate its $3.7 billion property in Las Vegas. Timberlake’s performance at David Grutman’s LIV Nightclub garnered $6M for his hourlong set. Additionally, resident Vegas headliners Keith Urban and Paula Anka provided entertainment at LIV.

Furthermore, the VIP party attracted stars of the hospitality world and featured renowned celebrity chefs such as Michael White and Evan Funke. Notably, the public was welcomed into the high-limit room, where Timberlake christened a craps table by shooting a pair of blue dice.

The event was attended by numerous high-profile individuals including celebrities, professional athletes, and famous artists. Moreover, it was publicly announced that the party attracted numerous influential people from the rapidly expanding hospitality and entertainment industries.

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