Check Out VSiN: The CNBC of the Gambling Market

VSiNVSiN is part of the new wave of media companies looking to profit on the burgeoning legal sports betting market in the United States. They are betting on data, data and even more data being supplied to the sports bettor and to casinos and betting companies to make them an indispensable part of the gambling process.

The company has built a modern studio south of the Strip at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa in Las Vegas.

Checking out their online stream one finds a never-ending unveiling of trends, injury reports, spreads and historical relevance.

And by setting up shop at South Point, what they’ve done is locate themselves in the same building where Richie Baccellieri is set up. That is important because he is the founder of Nevada’s number one sports booking software company, Stadium Technology. He is often the one who sets the odds for tournaments and important games from which the rest of the bookies follow. That includes being the one to set the odds for the round of 68 within minutes of the NCAA tournament being announced.

So when news breaks that may alter the odds, such as an injury, a player getting in trouble with the law etc. the VSiN team of analysts and on-air personalities are perfectly situated to get the scoop.

They can literally walk down the hall to talk to the people who are controlling the spread and get their take of how the news influences the spread. They are even able to put the oddsmakers on their channel to talk about it.

That kind of access is part of why they are being hailed as the CNBC of the sports betting media world.

Brian Musburger (nephew of the the famous Brent) is the CEO and his take is that, “We know exactly who is watching, from where and for how long—and that’s helped us get a pretty good sense of where the sports bettors are in this country. We’re looking ahead to a number of states where we know there’s a large audience that will fully embrace sports betting once it’s legal.”

Brent-MusburgerAnd is it concerns their close relationship with Stadium Technology, ““We’re able to hear right away what that means for the spread, what that does to the line. And we report it instantly. It’s really unique for a news organization to have that kind of access. This is the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.”

VSiN is still very much in the education phase with its burgeoning market. They know that there are new consumers coming in all the time wanting to hit the ground running looking to make the best sports bets.

At the same time they are developing technology that aids sports bettors with deeper analysis of what’s happening on the field and how that is affecting the spread. That is meant to help in-game bettors which is bound to be a huge way of how the new sports betting landscape is being shaped.

And as they continue to amass all this data for how the spreads work and how bettors respond, it is allowing them new partnership opportunities. They plan to make deals with casinos and sportsbooks to share the data of where the bettors are coming from and how they place their money so that better offerings can be made to those bettors.

It’s a win-win. Essentially it’s similar to the Google model of marrying those looking for great information with those who can provide a premium service. Everybody wins.

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