Connecticut Looking Into Legal Sports Betting Bill for 2019


The Connecticut General Assembly has once again brought up the topic of sports betting.

After over a year of debates in previous judicial sessions, Connecticut legislators have presented another sports betting bill for 2019. However brief on specifics in its present form, S.B. No. 17 approves speculation that Connecticut wants to legalize sports betting efforts that has substantial backing but has been delayed due to complicated issues.

Connecticut, situated near a host of states already taking in legal bets is  one of the more active states in terms of legal sports betting. They are also the first state in New England with casinos and has past history of liberal attitude towards most type of betting.

An agreement appeared close under former Gov. Dannel Malloy, but discussions were eventually postponed last summer. New Gov. Ned Lamont supported re-opening discussions while campaigning and has supported sports betting in the state

With a new current section of regulation officially announced in the General Assembly, Connecticut has taken an essential step in moving forward with sports betting.


Bill Sets Out Priorities

On Jan. 11, the bill’s announcement doesn’t show many of the key elements desired to really favor and implement legal sports betting, but the document does set out lawmaking important priorities- and a roadmap

The list of promoters is possibly the bill’s most vital element. The bill has 12 promoters, on behalf of both chambers and both major political groups. This includes persuasive legislators such as Rep. Emmett Riley, the deputy majority leader, in addition to Senator Steve Cassano, the upper chamber’s deputy president pro tempore.

In only a two-page file, the dozen followers have set out their main requirements for legalized sports wagering.

It  is based around a deal to allow Native American tribes to take in-person sports bets at their establishments and consent to offer and accept wagers online. They are notably trying to become an online sportsbook to compete with global sportsbooks such as Bovada, MyBookie and BetOnline. The bill also mentions this will entail amendments to current contracts between the Native Americans and the gov..

It additionally looks to produce online security to stop people from outside the state to take wagers, or for anyone under 21 years old. The bill also seeks to allow the Connecticut Lottery to offer purchases of online Keno games.

Although the current form is short on there requests, the bill will now be headed to the Senate Public Safety and Security Committee. Their legislators will discuss important details and will most probably pass it out of committee and before the whole Senate.

Of course, all legislation face a difficult path, but the bill has a pretty solid road map ahead. With key players from both parties and houses, as well as a governmental support, there seems to be good chance for it to happen.

For it to be successful, the Connecticut government must come to terms with the two influential Native American groups that manage the casino gambling industry in the state.

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