Debunking Vegas Myths: Why Megabucks Won’t Necessarily Hit on a Casino’s Opening Night

Set to open on Thursday December 11, 2023 at 08:12h, legendary Fontainebleau is expected to attract megabucks jackpot hopefuls once again. It is anticipated that countless gamblers, ready to test their luck and hurdling superstitions will be a sight to see. Avid players are aware of the urban legend that has been around for ages and many swear by it. The assumption is that casino’s are more likely to produce a Megabucks jackpot on their opening night. Statistically, it’s shown that this theory is very unlikely and logically, the random number generator is the driving force. Yet, the lore persists and exceptions only appear to validate the legends.

Among those is Elmer Sherwin, a retired WWII veteran who astonishingly hit a $4.6M Megabuck jackpot at The Mirage on their grand opening night in 1989. Surprisingly, 16 years following his first win, he scored big again, this time at the Cannery Casino.

Contrary to popular belief, casinos have no control over which Megabucks slot produces a jackpot. This result is solely based on luck and of course, the random number generator. Unfortunately, odds of winning are never revealed, but they are historically long.
Following Sherwin’s first jackpot, no other casino opening night has yielded the same results. But, don’t try to explain this to someone wearing a lucky sweater on Fontainebleau’s opening night.
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