“DraftKings Reports Record-Breaking Success at Vegas F1 Race”

Posted on: November 25, 2023, 05:38h.

Online Sportsbooks Set New Wagering Records for Las Vegas Grand Prix

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F1 Las Vegas

Sportsbooks saw record wagering action on the most recent Las Vegas Grand Prix, reflecting a trend of rising interest in Formula One (F1) races among bettors. The Las Vegas event became the most bet on F1 race ever for several sportsbook operators, highlighting the growth of F1 race betting.

F1 Races on the Rise

Data suggest that F1 is gaining traction among bettors, with online operators such as DraftKings noting that the Las Vegas Grand Prix recorded the highest handle and number of wagers in their F1 betting history. The trend of increased betting interest extends to other recent F1 races, including those held in the US, suggesting that F1 is quickly becoming a focal point for sports bettors.

The Las Vegas and Miami races, both part of the F1 series, are among the top 10 F1 events in DraftKings history based on handle and number of wagers. The growing interest in F1 is becoming evident given the surge in betting activity during these races across online platforms.

DraftKings’ Rising Popularity in F1 Betting Market

DraftKings, one of the leading online sportsbooks, pointed out that the Las Vegas Grand Prix has helped establish F1 as a burgeoning betting category. Despite not taking bets in Nevada, DraftKings achieved record F1 wagering figures, underlining the growing popularity of the sport among bettors. The success of the Las Vegas F1 race has been a significant milestone for DraftKings, despite operating without a retail or online presence in Nevada for the time being.

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