France Contemplates Granting Entire iGaming Market to FDJ

In a shocking turn of events, France might be on the verge of granting Française des Jeux (FDJ) a monopoly over the online casino market. Jake Pollard of Gaming & Co recently detailed rumors swirling around the industry that FDJ is in talks with French officials to gain complete control over the online gaming sector.

This potential development has raised concerns among other industry insiders and could lead to a legal battle in the future. With FDJ potentially taking the reins of the iGaming market, significant changes could be on the horizon for France.

As parliamentary debates over the regulation of Jonum continue, FDJ may be making strategic maneuvers to position itself as a dominant force in the online gaming space. Rumors even suggest that FDJ could be ready to launch its online gaming operations in February, coinciding with the European Commission’s anticipated examination of France’s SREN law.

Should FDJ indeed gain exclusive control over France’s iGaming market, it could generate substantial revenue for the government. The potential fallout would see increased regulation of unlicensed gaming sites, leading to a larger, steady stream of revenue for the government.

With a substantial decrease in overall revenue in the online gaming sector, granting FDJ the monopoly could be a strategic move to bolster France’s finances and combat illegal gambling sites.

If France takes steps to block unlicensed gaming sites and solidify FDJ’s grip on the market, it is expected to significantly increase the government’s revenue from the gaming industry. Meanwhile, other industry players are bracing for potential battles in the online gaming space.

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