Guest at Las Vegas Casino Suspected in Wife’s Homicide

Posted on: January 2, 2024, 11:10h. 

Last updated on: January 2, 2024, 11:10h.

Your post presented by our author, , discusses the recent arrest of a suspect involved in a murder case at Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Arthur Guty, Nicole Zambrano
Arthur Guty, Nicole Zambrano, pictured at left above. Guty with a cigarette, at right. (Images: Carlos Ramirez via WTAE, LVMPD)

Arthur Guty Jr., 55, was found in possession of $100K in cash during his arrest and is considered a suspect in the murder of Nicole Zambrano, 26, at their Uniontown, Pa. residence. Guty was traced to Las Vegas by his cell phone ping, leading to his arrest in the casino.

Guty is being extradited back to Pennsylvania to face charges of criminal homicide and aggravated assault in connection with the murder. Prior to his arrest, Fayette County authorities suspect that Guty was planning to flee the country with the cash.

Planning to Flee

According to Fayette County District Attorney Mike Aubele, the suspect was attempting to evade any responsibility in connection with the crime by fleeing the country with the large sum of cash

Arthur Guty’s neighbor Bob Luick also revealed that Guty suspected his wife of infidelity and made threatening statements about her. Nicole Zambrano, originally from Venezuela, had not reported to work for some days before her colleagues notified the authorities. This led to police contacting Guty, from whom they received conflicting and inaccurate information about his wife’s whereabouts.

Furthermore, recent reports suggest that Nicole Zambrano’s husband, Arthur Guty Jr., was involved in a murder-for-hire incident. His first wife, Roxanne Guty, pled guilty to hiring a hitman to kill Arthur to claim half of his life insurance back in 2019. However, it is believed that these two cases are unrelated.

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