Guide To Betting On Sports Responsibly

sports-bettingWith all the excitement of sports betting becoming legal in more and more states, there are still many more to go. And for some of them, it’s the fear that the effects of gambling has on certain vulnerable populations that prevents them from getting on board.

That is certainly the case in Louisiana where advocates for sports betting seemed to have the momentum to make the state the 14th to legalize it. Instead, the opposition mounted a comeback and the movement was shelved for another year.

In Tennessee, legalized sports betting was passed, but only in online formats so as to continue to keep casinos out of the state. It is felt that by avoiding brick and mortar opportunities to bet, the gambling addicts are better protected.

With all that in mind, the best way to help get more and more people behind sports betting is with education. Temptation is strong when it comes to sports betting with a real and seemingly easy way to make money at stake. The education therefore needs to be all around having the right mindset, being responsible and having a strong sense of personal accountability.

Two big questions should be on your mind at all times. write them down even at your desk or in your phone so you help train yourself on the right course of action. The first question is, what can you do to make sure you are betting responsibly and the second is what are the pitfalls that you really need to avoid?

Betting Responsibly

At the top of this list is to get rid of any notion that there is any such thing as a “sure thing”. Look no farther than Andy Ruiz’ stunning upset of Anthony Joshua for the heavyweight boxing championship of the world just last week for a reminder of that.

As such, the motto, “never wager an amount that you cannot afford to lose” should be front and center with every choice you make.

The second thing to consider is do your research. Instinct can only take you so far, ideally to spark the direction of your research. Sports gambling experts these days are masters at analytics. They are doing what they can to reduce the guesswork from the equation and so should you.

Follow as many experts as you can to learn from them, see it as a craft that requires hard work and perseverance much more than luck.

That also includes choosing a trustworthy betting platform in which to invest your hard-earned money.

Two Pitfalls to Avoid

The first of those was just touched upon, which is to pick out a betting portal that uses the latest technology to keep you up to date like

The platform you choose should at the very least provide live feeds and up-to-date scores and injury information. Sometimes those precious moments are the difference between winning and losing.

The other and probably most important pitfall to avoid surrounds your pride. Losses are essentially inevitable in the sports betting world. What’s vital is to accept that and get away from a vicious spiral where one loss turns to many. As Kenny Rodgers said, “you gotta know when to fold ‘em and when to walk away and when to run” so you can come back and play from a place of strength on another day. So know your limits and your budget and stick to it.

That way the game remains positive, where you can learn, improve and continue to enjoy this pastime or profession every step of the way.

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