Indiana Lawmaker’s Guilty Plea Puts Gaming Bills on Hold

Indiana State Capitol to Avoid All Gaming Legislation in 2024 After Latest Political Corruption Scandal revealed the Reason

Indiana Senate President Pro Tempore Rodric Bray points out no gaming measures will be considered during the state’s 2024 legislative session after a former state lawmaker has pleaded guilty to a federal corruption charge related to the gaming industry. This comes in the wake of an indictment that alleged he was to benefit from laws favoring the state gaming industry. The severity of the crime gives Bray good reason to put policies affecting gaming under the rug this year. The latest in political scandals concerning the gaming industry has cast a long shadow over public confidence in the integrity of the Statehouse and its operators.

We provide some useful content that highlights these gaming-related political scandals in Indiana in 2023 and why the state will avoid them in 2024. Starting will be former senator Brent Waltz who’s facing a 10-month jail sentence due to illegal contributions. The charges seem to have some negative implications on Indiana’s gaming economy considering how directly our elected officials are resolute about their own pay.

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