Tips To Work The Plus and Minus Lines in Sports Betting

Plus-Minus-Vegas-Odds-TableThese odds are explained in the money form in sports betting. While playing on the online casino, it is necessary that the players must be abreast with this term. Here, $100 is a standard wager amount. If the odds shows in minus, the wagering amount betted must make you win $100. Like, the player has to bet $150 to win an amount of $100 if the odds are minus.

In case, the odds shows plus situation then more money will be earned by wagering $100 amount. Under the plus odds, if the player bets $100 then they will win $150. This kind of money line is also known as the ‘American Odds.’

How ‘Plus’ and ‘Minus’ Odds Work?

If you are playing at any of the online casinos or Vegas Online Casino then the player must be aware of the working of ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ odds. Even Las Vegas odds work on the same lines. Let us see a few pointers to get details about ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ odds:

  • The ‘Vigorish’ (vig) or ‘juice’ in the sports betting for the minus odds involves betting on a standard number – 110. This means if a player bets $110, they are going to earn the net profit of nearly $100. As there are equal bets placed, so a cut of 10% is done by the online casino.
  • If the minus (-) is preceding a number then the team is stated to be favorite but if the plus (+) is preceding the number then the team is rated as an underdog. This Money Line appears when the odds in a game is based upon $1.00.
  • If there are ‘Dolphin odds’ showed under the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ odds, it means the bet of $18 will help you win $10 amount. Here, the player will get a return of $28.
  • Most of the players can wager on the longshot under the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ odds. Like, taking an example, if the team Los Angeles Lakers are having +500 odds to win an NBA, then the bet of $100 would provide them a profit of $500.
  • The ‘Juice’ in the sports betting is also used to discourage the players from wagering upon the heavy favorite. Like, if Golden State Warriors are listed at minus odd of (-500) for winning the NBA Championship. Then the players will only receive $100 if they bet $500.

To conclude, the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ odds can take the players a long path of winning if they choose their wagers wisely.

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