Las Vegas F1 Ticket Prices Plummet as Over 10,000 Remain Unsold

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The newly released F1 race statistics show a dip in ticket demand causing resellers and ticket brokers to lower prices by more than 50%. This decline is attributed to a variety of factors which have created a buyer’s market for the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix. Even standing-room-only tickets which initially sold out have now become more accessible as prices come down.

It’s a buyer’s market for the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix — though not as much of one as suggested by this satirical graphic. (Image:

Preliminary data from CNN disclosed that typical grandstand ticket prices have declined by 50% since last year and by 35% over the past month. The average price for less-popular events like practice runs and qualifying races has fallen by nearly 60%, making this event more accessible than ever.

Numbers from show over 10,000 unsold tickets in just two grandstands. This excess supply has driven Resale ticket prices below face value, offering enormous savings to motorsport fans.

This screenshot shows all the unsold seats at the PG2 Grandstand in the East Harmon Zone as of Nov. 8, 2023. The blue dots represent official tickets still available from F1, the pink dots are verified Ticketmaster resellers attempting to sell theirs. (Image:

With inflated TVR pricing posing a challenge, fans can find more reasonable ticket prices on reselling platforms like StubHub. These low prices make it easier for patrons to enjoy more days at the race by offering them grandstand tickets well under the initial prices.

Seasoned racecar driver Alex Gassman explains, “The higher ticket costs and long-running Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’ could be contributing factors to the bottleneck in ticket sales. The guaranteed win of Max Verstappen and Red Bull may be deterring some fans from attending.”

Gassman advises potential buyers to be patient, insisting that prices will continue to plummet as the event approaches. This slow but steady drop in ticket costs is expected to pave the way for a rare opportunity to catch the F1 at an affordable rate.

“That’s the plan,” he says.

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