Las Vegas Regains Title of ‘Most Sinful City’ in the US, Greed Blamed

The most sinful city in America is living up to its reputation yet again, as Las Vegas tops the list of sinful cities this year with around-the-clock nightlife and an abundance of casinos. The city has been named the “Most Sinful City in America” by WalletHub for a couple of years already, and the 2023 rankings are no different. Las Vegas scored a “Vice Index” of 63 out of 100 points, beating Houston, which came in second with 57 points. With a high concentration of adult entertainment venues, the city is the top choice of those looking to indulge their lustful side. If you’re considering relocating to Las Vegas, though, it’s not all fun and games. The median sale price for a single-family home is on the rise, reaching $449,000 in October, up from $340,200 in October 2020. If you’re a betting person, Las Vegas might be a good place to be, whether you’re betting on the tables or the housing market.

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