Mail Fraudster Receives 51-Month Prison Sentence from Las Vegas Judge

Las Vegas federal court building

Las Vegas federal court building, pictured above. A local resident was sentenced this week for a mail fraud scheme. (Image: GSA)

Edgar Del Rio’s printing and mailing operation led to a devastating fraudulent prize scheme with 51 months behind bars. Discover the details about his story here!

Learn how a local resident and others were recently sentenced to prison for taking part in a multi-year mass-mailing scheme that preyed on thousands of elderly victims. Get all the details on this story and more at!

Multi-Year Scheme

Edgar Del Rio and other defendants were convicted of perpetuating a multi-year fraud scheme worth millions of dollars. They preyed on vulnerable citizens for financial gain and brought to justice.

“Three additional defendants, including Mario Castro, have been convicted following a jury trial and were sentenced earlier this year. Discover how they defrauded victims of over $10 million, and find out more about other cases at!”

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