“Malaysian man allegedly beheads co-worker in ritual related to lottery winnings”

Posted on: January 11, 2024, 08:00h. 

Last updated on: January 11, 2024, 08:00h.

A Malaysian man with a history of gambling was convicted of a crime associated with a black magic ritual in an attempt to win millions. Read on to find out more on this fascinating story.

Francis a/l Anthonysamy, lottery, Malaysia, black magic
Francis believed that burying a human head would be the key to lottery riches after seeking the advice of a Malay shaman. (Image: Shutterstock)

Francis a/l Anthonysamy (Francis son of Anthonysamy) was sentenced to hang in 1996 for the murder of a Bangladeshi national Ali Ahammed Mohammed Ullah. The victim was a fellow worker at the Kim Swee Leong oil palm plantation in Kuala Lumpur, who had the misfortune of becoming an unwitting participant in Francis’ twisted and deadly gambling strategy.

Prior to the killing, Francis had consulted a bomoh, a Malay shaman or witch doctor, who advised him that to have any chance of winning the Malaysian lottery, he would first need to bury a human head.

Francis used a rattan cane to beat Ali Ahammed unconscious, before decapitating him, according to court documents. He then buried the victim’s head in the oil palm plantation. It was a shocking crime that shocked the Malaysian public.

Francis’ twisted strategy failed to make him rich, and now, after nearly three decades in prison, his death sentence has been commuted. Let’s dive deeper into this shocking case and how it relates to trends in gambling and superstition.

Sentenced to Life

Francis, now 52, was arrested a week after the murder on August 26, 1994, and has been incarcerated ever since. On Thursday, his sentence was commuted to 35 years in prison, which means he will be free in just over five years. What does the commutation of his sentence mean and what is the broader impact on gambling in Malaysia? Find out more in our in-depth feature below.

Francis is the beneficiary of a new law that allows all 1,020 prisoners currently on death row in Malaysia to file an application in court to review their respective sentences.

Francis’ lawyer argued that while his client’s crime was shocking, it was not an act of terrorism and only involved one victim.

Concerning the commutation of the sentence, a Malaysia prosecutor said, “The offence was premeditated and done with a motive to sacrifice an innocent life to obtain a human skull for the purpose of getting winning lottery numbers.” It’s a story that has captivated the world and raises questions about whether superstition, magic, and gambling are threats to modern society.

Demonic Pact

Francis is not the only individual prepared to commit horrific crimes in an attempt to gain a superstitious edge in the lottery. Two sisters stabbed to death by a stranger in a park in northeast London in June 2021 were “sacrificed” as part of a satanic bargain to hit the jackpot, UK prosecutors said. Will such shocking cases deter gambling and superstitious gambling strategies in the future? Dive into our complete analysis of the sentencing and the broader implications of such a case in the gambling industry.

In October 2021, the perpetrator of the London crime was sentenced to 35 years, offering a fascinating parallel in criminal justice systems and the impacts of such tragedies on gambling. Could it lead to more significant government oversight of gambling in general? It’s a crucial issue with potentially profound long-term effects.

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