Massive Global Interpol Bust Includes Charges of Illegal Gambling

If you’re curious about the latest in illegal gambling and cybercrime busts, look no further. Just recently, Interpol announced the successful conclusion of Operation HAECHI IV. This six-month international joint operation resulted in the arrest of over 3,500 people and the confiscation of over $300 million in cash and digital assets related to various cyber scams.

Initiated by South Korea, the operation targeted illegal activities such as romance scams, online sextortion, money laundering, and investment fraud. Striking a heavy blow to cybercriminals worldwide, this covert mission was a collaboration between law enforcement agencies from 34 countries.

Operation HAECHI IV also led to the blockade of 82,112 suspicious bank accounts and the seizure of over $199 million in hard currency and $101 million in virtual assets. The collective global efforts of countries like Argentina, Australia, India, the UK, and the US, among others, were instrumental in the success of this operation.

Additionally, Interpol released two “Purple Notices” in connection with the operation, documenting new and emerging methods used by cybercriminals. These notices serve as alerts to inform law enforcement departments globally about specific threats and how they operate.

Illegal gambling, fraud, and cybercrime are no small matters, and global cooperation is essential in curbing these activities. The success of Operation HAECHI IV stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in upholding law and order in the digital world.

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