Matthew Perry Was Not OK with What Happened in Vegas

Posted on: November 6, 2023, 09:42h. 

Last updated on: November 6, 2023, 09:45h.

“Friends” fans will always remember the iconic Season 5 episode, “The One in Vegas.” However, what they may not know is that Chandler could have cheated on Monica. Find out more about this scrapped storyline and how it could have changed the course of the show:

In the original script, Chandler (Matthew Perry) would have done something horrible to Monica (Courteney Cox) that couldn’t have stayed in Vegas. (Image: Warner Bros. TV)

What Happened in Vegas Almost Ruined ‘Friends’

According to a surprising revelation by actress Lisa Cash, Chandler’s character was originally scripted to cheat on Monica. Cash, who was cast to play an attractive room-service attendant, shared details about this abandoned storyline:

After losing a game-changing role, Lisa Cash was recast as a flight attendant in a different scene. (Image: Warner Bros. TV)

In the original script, Chandler would have cheated on Monica with Cash’s character after their argument over her lunch with her ex-boyfriend. However, Matthew Perry insisted on changing the storyline, believing fans would not forgive his character for such a betrayal.

The scenes depicting the cheating were ultimately deleted and Cash’s role was cut from the episode.

Cash commented, “They had that whole other thing with the Ross and Rachel ‘we were on a break,’ but Chandler and Monica weren’t on a break. It was a decision that he was going to make to cheat on her in the moment, so I think it was smart (to cut it). That would have possibly changed the course of the show.”

As a consolation, Cash was given a different role as a flight attendant who interacted with Ross and Rachel in another scene.

“They were so nice for not completely cutting me out of the episode,” she added.


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