Mohegan Sun Bus Driver Consumed Cannabis Gummies, Escapes Jail Time

Posted on: December 1, 2023, 08:08h.

Last updated on: December 1, 2023, 08:08h.

A recent incident involving a bus driver who passed out after eating “Smokies Edibles Cannabis-Infused Fruit Chews” highlights the challenges that marijuana-infused products pose to individuals who do not speak or read English, and also shows how leniency in judgment played a role in the outcome.

Jinhuan Chen, Mohegan Sun, Smokies Edibles
Chen did not understand that the Smokies candy, above, was laced with THC because he could not speak or read English, according to his lawyer. (Image: Abillion)

A Connecticut Superior Court judge recently granted Glenn Winefield accelerated rehabilitation with two years of probation without prison time for reckless endangerment charges, after he passed out while driving a busload of Boston casino-goers back from Mohegan Sun because of marijuana-infused gummies.

The bus swerved left and right before coming to a halt, prior to receiving the police report of the crash near Exit 30 in Stratford around 3pm on March 13, 2022.

Judge Leniency

Judge Elizabeth Reid decided to grant a two-year probationary period to Winefield without prison. During this time, his 38 charges of reckless endangerment will be dismissed provided he commits no other crime.

Assistant State’s Attorney Peter Cunniff agreed with the decision, saying Winefield quickly took the necessary steps to mitigate the mishap.

Winefield’s employers vouched for his exemplary work record, testifying that he is a responsible employee who does not drink or smoke, but has a sweet tooth and a love for candy.

Bus Mishaps

This incident mirrors earlier bus accidents involving drivers who faced charges for negligence, even though the conditions of each incident were different.

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